What Is Mediation

Whenever people interact, connect or work together on a daily basis this could give rise to conflict. In situations where relationships or mutual communication are too emotional, damaged or difficult to repair, mediation can provide a viable solution.

During a mediation, a neutral and independent person (the mediator) assists and supports parties in finding a joint solution for their issue. Unlike a lawsuit where the judge renders a decision whereby (almost always) one party loses, mediation prevents parties from opposing each other and aims to provide a win-win situation for both parties. Parties take the lead throughout the mediation process and the mediator keeps encouraging them to actively contribute. The mediator also gives parties the opportunity to share their positions and interests and voice their concerns.  Moreover, the parties play a central role and exert influence over the process and the outcome of the mediation, leading to better and more sustainable solutions. With the help of the mediator the conflict and its wider context is discussed in a safe and confidential setting and an attempt is made to create a new and satisfactory future for both parties.